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ADD ADHD teacher resources for Attention Deficit Disorder

Our Favorite Links to other Attention Deficit Disorder related web sites:

The Classic Information Site is the "Attention Deficit Disorder Information Library" at NewIdeas.Net . This site was originally built in 1995 by our own Dr. Douglas Cowan, a Family Therapist specializing in the treatment of ADD ADHD. It's old, and someday needs to get a facelift, but is still has about 80 pages of very useful information for parents and teachers. It also has a very popular FREE Newsletter for parents and teachers on ADD ADHD.

You can find many of our recommended products and books for Attention Deficit Disorder at either or The Complete ADD ADHD Bookstore. has an interesting comparison between the effectiveness of stimulant medications, EEG Biofeedback training, and the Attend Nutraceutical products. Be sure to check that out.

One helpful item that is only available on-line, is The Voucher System by Wayne and Gail Brewster. It is a behavior management system for parents. They also have a system for schools. Clinicians, parents, and teachers will want to consider this product.

Be sure to visit the ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER LINKS PROJECT with over 500 LINKS to ADD ADHD sites, or other related sites. This is a great resource.

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