Lot's of things can be done to help children, teens, and adults with ADD ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder. Stimulants, like Ritalin, are effective. But they are not the only effective interventions. Make improvements in Diet.

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There are a number of factors which contribute to ADD ADHD in individuals.

One of the many considerations is an apparent reduced ability for many ADD ADHD patients to process EFA's - Essential Fatty Acids - from their diet.

One of the simplest, and best things that a parent can do for their ADD ADHD child or teen is to increase the EFA's in their diet. This will help neurological functioning, perhaps improve behavior and learning, and may even boost the immune system.

Yes, DIET and NUTRITION have important roles to play in the treatment of ADD ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Use improvements in diet to optimize physical and mental performance. Eat like an Olympic athlete.

We like the Complete ADD Eating Program at the ADD Information Library. Try this program in addition to whatever else you are now trying.

The simplest, but most important things to change now are:

  • Check for milk allergies. 30% of children in USA are allergic to milk. This may cause temper outbursts and difficulty concentrating.
  • Eat a high protein, low carbohydrate, low sugar, breakfast. The other meals can be 50%-50% protein - carbohydrate.
  • Avoid foods that have sugars and carbohydrates, such as breakfast cereals, doughnuts, cakes, etc. Read the labels.


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Read some very interesting COMPARISONS between three of our favorite interventions:

  • Stimulant Medications
  • ATTEND Nutraceutical
  • EEG Biofeedback Training
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Resources for PARENTS or TEACHERS

TEACHERS please don't give impulsive or moody kids foods with sugars and carbohydrates for "rewards." You and I both know that if you do, about 15 minutes later, that child will be in trouble and you will be sending the student to the principal's office. The combination of sugars and carbohydrates simply make ADD ADHD children, in fact most children, out of control.

Teachers, if you give your students food, you need to take responsibility for their reactions to the foods that you give them. Why do we even have to write this? Because we have simply seen too many teachers demand that their ADD ADHD students take responsiblity for impulsive behaviors (which is good) but completly hide from taking responsibility themselves for their role in "the incident." Remember, "by the same scales that you use to judge others you too will be judged."