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Organizing Your ADHD Students

- Being disorganized is one of the biggest problems with Attention Deficit Disorder. Everything seems to get lost. ADHD students can struggle for hours with a homework assignment, then fail to turn it in. They can be so disorganized that they cannot find it in their own backpacks! They need your help!

ADHD: Students with Attention Deficits Need Help Organizing

Few ADHD kids are naturally well organized. Most are space-cadets. There are six different types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that teachers should be aware of.

Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, "ADD or ADHD", are often well known for taking two hours to do a twenty minute assignment, and then forgetting to turn it in the next day (Hint: it really IS in their backpack). Please take the extra six seconds required to make sure that you ADD ADHD students have actually turned in their work.

Write schedule and timelines on the board each day.

Provide due dates for assignments each day.

Divide longer assignments into smaller sections and provide due dates or times for the completion of each section.

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Your ADD ADHD students will function better when able to anticipate times requiring increased concentration. A visual representation of the day's schedule will provide another opportunity to internalize classroom routine.

Interact with your ADD ADHD student's parents as much as possible to keep them informed as to assignments.



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